Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics

Mission and Goal

The CSUN-LAUSD Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics (TCMS) Project seeks to ease the transition from high school to postsecondary education in math.
The goal is to support, sustain, and expand the professional development of teachers in fourth year math classes in the L.A. Basin; to refine and expand curriculum supports for one particular course: Transitions to College Math and Statistics (TCMS); and to foster authentic collaboration between the CSU, K-12, and Community Colleges.

Student Profile:

Provide engaging and broadly applicable math options for students seeking alternatives to the existing STEM pathways.

Designed for students who are willing to give math a second chance.

  • High school seniors who have taken algebra 2 or IM 3 and are unsure of which math (if any) to take next.
  • High school students who wish to explore the possibility of going on to college/university
  • High school juniors who have taken geometry or IM 2 and want to explore math more broadly before taking algebra 2 or IM 3.

Leadership Team

Director: Katherine Stevenson CSU Northridge

Associate Director: Otilia Gonzales CSU Northridge