The CSU Bridge Courses page lists mathematics/QR courses and projects working within California State University (CSU) focused on supporting mathematics and quantitative reasoning readiness among K-12, CSU, and community college educators. The projects in the CSU focus on (a) principles in preparing teachers for 12th-grade mathematics and/or quantitative reasoning, (b) content and pedagogical practices, (c) topics in mathematics and quantitative reasoning that develop and address K-12, community college, and CSU requirements. For more information about the projects, please click on any of the cards below.

Courses and Projects

  • Quantitative Reasoning w/ Advance Math Topics
  • Transition to Quantitative Reasoning

Transition to College Level Mathematics

Mathematical Reasoning With Connections

Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics

Discrete Mathematics Project Collaborative

For introductory statistics and data science

Onboarding the Algebra I curriculum